Our AGORA Prep Programs

We are unique because we designed a program based on children's interests. We incorporate Math, Science, Language, Drama, Music and Art in all that we do! Students are inquisitive, intelligent and intuitively interested in learning and succeeding. At AGORA Prep, we optimize the collective power of their imagination combined with their inherent innovation. Technology is accessible and available to leverage the power of knowledge.
Gardening Skills
Gardening & Cooking

Growing our food and preparing it is underrated and virtually never taught in traditional schools. At AGORA Prep this is a part of the overall program. 

We encourage culinary skills, baking, aquaponics and hydroponics to learn about our environment. 

Child In Speech Therapy

At AGORA prep, students will perform regular presentations to their peers and parents and report their learning and their progress.

This is above and beyond their regular academic assessments which will provide parents with their academic levels compared to traditional schools (performed three times per year).

Finances are a life-skill
Finance & Money

At AGORA Prep, students will learn about investments, savings and earnings. These are essential life skills not taught in traditional schooling. We teach real life-skills that students will need to succeed in their future. Practical skills.

Child in Air Yoga
Drama & Music

Interwoven into all learning is a child's ability to experience History, Literacy and all core subjects through movement, drama, dance and music. The possibilities are endless; whether it is Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss, we can act it out. Children learn best through engagement.

AGORA Prep will also offer additional BAND and VOCAL music programs for those wishing to develop those talents.

Meditation is critical.
Mindfulness & Meditation

Students will be coached on mindfulness, stretching, and emotional self-regulation techniques and strategies that will encourage them in their daily learning. Mental health is a large focus in our environment and critical to the overall well-being of our student population.

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair
All Abilities Are Awesome

Children develop a natural capacity to learn at their own pace. At AGORA Prep, we believe that learning does not happen from behind a desk. Through interaction and collaboration, students blossom into their own unique potential. 

Children of all needs and skills are welcomed and encouraged to share their talents with their peers and coaches.

Students are welcome between 8:30 am and 9 am and our learning journey ends between 3 pm and 3:30 pm.