Most powerful energy of the future: Children's Imagination

A child's imagination transforms the "impossible" to "I'm possible".

Nothing on this planet is more powerful than a child's innate ability to see past our daily limitations and imagine a solution that we could never envision nor design.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Albert Einstein

Innovation without borders

Children invented many simple solutions for adult problems globally. George Nissen was only 16 when he invented the trampoline. Frank Epperson was 11 when he invented the popsicle. At age 6, Kelly Reihart invented the T-Pak. Braille was invented by Louis Braille at the age of 15. Robert Patch was awarded a patent for the very first toy truck at the age of 6. Here is a website with some pretty recent inventions by kids:

The power of a child's imagination is immeasurable, dynamic and defying of every empirical and realistic premise and this makes it extremely and undeniably powerful. Imagine if we can coach children to imagine as far and wide as they can then present them with the tools to potentially make these visions come true. What a world we can create and what a future we can design with what in those little one's minds!

Interested in seeing the magic a child's mind can achieve, watch any or all of these Ted talks by youths under the age of 20:

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