Markham, our latest new destination for alternative learning

Mike Morgan decided that he was done with the way things are going in the traditional school system. As a father to two bright and beautiful children, he was tired of the antiquated and rigid systems put into place to create a generation of future followers. The system was created, initially, to produce factory workers, military personnel, and farmers. Today, our children need to be challenged in different ways, taught divergently, and treated individually. Our tech-savvy generation is hungry for knowledge that will ready them for their functional future not their passive present. Children need to be taught critical thinking, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, survival skills outside of the grid and the politics and the potential threats to our economy and our world. They need to go back to basics and be taught cursive writing, multiplication tables, debating skills, research methods, collaboration, life-skills with an ability to make choices and take back control of their learning. As such, Mike sought out a solution to provide all this to children in the community of Markham. The location, which is set to open for September 2022, will offer programs to children with all learning exceptions, giftedness and superpowers! We deal with children who are unable to sit still, who talk aloud, who like to climb, laugh, and make up stories. We deal with students who have creative genius - which is basically EVERYONE!

Students in grades 1 and 3 (depicted) exploring various electrical circuit boards together.
Exploring Electricty

Students waiting to print their 3D projects
3D Printer

We do not believe in exclusion. We hired behavioural specialists to assist with the daily assessment and evaluation of our students. With programs that will be adaptable and transformational for your child. Aside from the incredible, leading-edge, uniquely created programs, we will be offering part-time and full-time sessions for students in grades Kindergarten all the way to grade 6. This location will also feature music, dance, martial arts, coding, and state-of-the-art technology at the children's fingertips (3D printers, pens and interactive technology). We will be laser focussed on emotional and mental well-being as part of our solution to the last few years spent in fear and anxious limitations. Our Agora Learning Centre will create its own loving environment and continue to build a community of curious, inventive, innovative, and genius learners as established in the Aurora location.

Students in grades 4 and 5 working on their indivdual projects. Some are standing, some sitting and some are in the hammock (not in the photo).
Collaborative Learning

Sylvia Martignani, Founder and Visionary, of this very concept will be working closely with Mike and his family of educators to bring the proven excellent and reputable education methodologies from the existing Aurora location to the Markham community of learners. So if you are tired of the insidious agendas, restrictive rules, hundreds of calls from the school during the year while you are working and the systemic exclusion of your child because they are "different" - contact us and enroll your child at our newest location! We are extremely excited to meet you and your future leader. Our email is See you all soon!

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