It is time...

Updated: Apr 27

It is time to drop the pretenses that traditional schools are working.

It is time to start honouring and respecting children as human beings.

It is time to abandon archaic methods of education such as direct teaching and testing of performance on paper.

It is time to change the way our new generation is learning from the time our generation or the ones prior have learned.

It is time for engagement, leadership development, multilingual training, technology integration, mental health and wellness education and character development to take the charge in our agendas.

It is time to equip students with life-skills like time-management, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, nature education and finance training.

It is time to encourage creativity and critical thinking. Challenging assumptions, asking questions and exploring their life purpose.

It is time to raise leaders who think on their own and reach their own conclusions through inferencing and debate.

It is time to remember that this generation is multisensory, adaptive, seeking immediate gratification, reflective and receptive to the abundance of data at their fingertips through social media and technology.

It is time to encourge intergenerational instruction, peer to peer learning and leverage multiaged learning communities.

It is time to sit back and watch the amazing discoveries inherently core to a child's mind.

It is time to integrate creative genius and develop it to exceed our wildest imagination or expectation.

It is time to treat children with disabilities or exceptionalities like they are everyone else, because they are all that and more.

It is time relabel, realign, rediscover, reinstate and reframe our minds to accept that teaching Math, Science, Language and History (all other subjects as well) can be achieved through engagement, dialogue, group work and individual expression.

It is time to move away from the herd mentality and raising a generation of followers who must conform to a rigid set of rules and oppressive regulations which prohibit the development of the whole self.

It is time to practice what we preach and acknowledge that it is simply not working to have large classrooms filled with polarities that remain unaddressed from year to year until unimaginable gaps occur.

It is time to focus...

It is time to change...

It is time to accept...

It is time to embrace...

It is time to inspire FUTURE LEADERS.

It is time... don't you think?

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