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Agora Prep was a dream in the making for over 20 years. In 2001, Sylvia Martignani, the founder, wrote her education thesis about Engagement in Learning. Since then, she accumulated over two decades of experience which triggered her desire to build this unique model of learning. During the Covid pandemic, she completed a Harvard University course called Leaders in Learning where she was exposed to the various European models of education in the world. This sparked and reignited her passion to disrupt the antiquated and archaic models of learning in North America. She set off on a journey to create the infrastructure, curricula and model known as Agora Prep Academy. The first location in Aurora, Ontario opened its doors in June 2021.

This learning environment is unique in the following ways:

  • Students 6 to 13 years of age are able to choose their learning pathways based on their interests which puts them in control and teaches them to be independent learners

  • Students are challenged according to their pace and their needs (there are no limiting criteria to their learning). Once we remove grade level expectations, then students can operate at an accelerated pace beyond their limiting criteria

  • Educators are "Coaches" of learning, guiding students to fulfill their learning objectives while methodically directing them towards effective research methods and life-long learning

  • Life-skills like time-management, finance, farming, baking, crafting and others are mandatory as they will inspire future leaders of the world, rather than followers

  • Entrepreneurship is encouraged, modeled, and consistently utilized as tool for creative channeling of student's unlimited imagination

  • Freedom to make choices includes the ability to decide what subject they will learn next and how to leverage their interests to produce and complete substantial and qualitatively unique achievements

  • Intergenerational mixing in learning communities inspires leadership and mentorship amongst the student body

  • Gaps in learning are targeted and filled through curated programs that help build student confidence in reading, writing and mathematics

  • Project based learning is used to facilitate the promotion of psycho-social development and collective reasoning and collaboration

  • Critical thinking is encouraged by inviting students to challenge assumptions, question everything, draw their own conclusions through research and identify as well as develop inferential thinking

  • Students vote on the themes to be discussed creating a democratic environment where engagement is the focus of learning

  • Education is provided in English, French and Sign Language (ASL) to all grade levels

  • Flexible seating allows for a more comfortable and futuristic learning environment so students do not feel like they are in an institution (learning club setting)

  • Mental and emotional health and wellbeing are discussed often and there is a sensory room where students can decompress, recompose and explore their feelings, thoughts and resolve their conflicts

  • Customized learning reports are given to parents with detailed competency scores for students' individual contribution and progress

  • Strict focus on self-esteem, confidence, metacognition and the development of students' talents and abilities

  • Inclusion of children with varied learning needs (with some exceptions)

  • On site support staff (Therapists, EAs and emotional counselors) that complete the learning journey loop for students with various needs

While the pandemic was occurring in 2021, Sylvia developed an environment that allowed students to get back to normal. She only accepted students with an IEP (Individual Education Plan). Agora Prep remained open because of the exemption for students with disbilities. This created an immediate need for this model which led to the first franchise being sold. Since then, there have been dozens of inquiries about the business model and now Sylvia has decided to expand worldwide through franchising.

This is how you, too, can operate your own Agora Prep location in your community:

  1. Submit an inquiry form to

  2. Meet our franchise development consultant and communicate with him on your interest of franchising with us.

  3. Meet with Sylvia Martignani, founder and visionary behind the business model.

  4. Receive a copy of the franchise disclosure document for your review.

  5. Hire a franchise lawyer to help you review your agreement.

  6. Pay the franchise fee which is $40,000 + HST and sign a franchise agreement.

  7. Start searching for a suitable location for the future Agora Prep in your community.

  8. Attend the week long training either in-person or online to prepare for success.

  9. Complete required procedures towards your GRAND OPENING.

  10. Market, advertise and grow with the help of the franchisor.

Welcome to a world of possibilities.

A career which centers on affecting change and revolutionizing education.

Welcome to a gratifying and incredible future of impacting our world and leaving a legacy.

Welcome to Agora Prep Academy.

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