Our Gallery


Playing outdoors happens twice a day!


Excercise is pivotal for brain development

Working on research

Research is key

Outdoor Space

Green Grass

3D Printer

3D Printing

Coding and Robotics

Building mazes


Meditation is important to mental health

Mental Health

Relaxing a hammock is so much fun and needed sometimes


Team work makes the dream work


Hard at work


Learning to write

Poster to raise awareness

Girls around the water die getting water for their families from far away. We are raising money for awareness for the charity.

Exploring our world

Building blocks and foundation of learning


Exploring natural and scientific elements through experiential learning


Creating and producing our own vehicles

You got this

Inspiration as far as the eye can see

Outdoor Time

Playing outside is peaceful time

Research 2

Engaged learning looks like this

Lava Lamps

Focussed on success

Wonder Wall

Smart TV to zoom with the rest of the world

Logical Thinking

Puzzles and games but learning is always the objective

Senior Grade Classroom

Flexible seating, comfortable environment, fully equipped to handle 20 tablets and peer to peer learning.

You Belong Here

Our unconventional methodology gives students the opportunity to excel on their own terms without the risk of comparisons with peers. This eliminates bullying due to competence and encourages natural learning.

Space Room

Students interested in Astronomy or any related fields can explore space and our galaxy when they choose. Understanding our world is part of the global education that makes Agora Prep Academy an incredible place to learn.

Bucket Seats

It is important to be comfortable when engaged in learning. There is no need to sit behind a desk to explore knowledge. Sit anywhere you like or simply don't sit at all!

Intermediate Classroom

Our communities of learning are enhanced by Lego Walls and 3D wallpaper that entices students to continually think outside of the box.

Sensory Room

Emotional Self-Regulation and Mental Health are of primary importance in the learning journey. Agora Prep Academy prepares students to explore their emotions, heighten their awareness of self and indulge their senses in the quiet reprieve of a multi-sensory room. We designed this with reflection and meditation in mind for our students.