Updated in 2022:

We are a learning environment that allows students to breathe freely and we afford families the choice on health and immunization. However, our private school still takes the health of our children very seriously, especially those who are immunocomproised, special needs and those that are allergic to the vaccine ingredients. Regular cleaning and disinfection through fogging is used in order to avoid the transmission of any viral infections. Whether it is Covid or any other childhood illness, we are adamant in keeping our students safe. 

All students exhibiting symptoms of any illness are sent home immediately or asked to remain home. Our common sense policy of caregiving is such that if a child is unable to partake in the daily activities for whatever reason, then it is best for them to stay home. This applies to kindergarten students to grade 8 who are attending our school during the academic year as well as summer camp.

Thank you for your attention to this message and know that we are all parents and we all care the same way for all the children in our space.