Excited Children in Science Class

Principal's Welcome


Sylvia Martignani is the Principal and owner of Agora Prep. She envisioned an environment that supports and produces natural learning in 2001 as she completed her Bachelor of Education Thesis. Her graduation from Harvard University with a post-degree program called  "Leadership in Learning" reignited her passion for this new philosophy in education. Sylvia has three children of her own and has worked with special needs children for two decades. She is wholeheartedly convinced that the current school system is failing 90% of students. It is time to unschool children. To have less schools and more, pure, innate, organic learning!

Sylvia Martignani, Principal / Visionary

 Our Mission

To truly engage children in this generation and future generations, we must shift the educational paradigm and start evolving from the traditional “schooling” of the past. At AGORA Prep, we utilize technology to acquire knowledge and inspire innovation through experiential learning which is critical in the holistic development of the child. Children are born with innate capacities, strengths, and talents, that if celebrated and empowered, will fuel the future with the inventions to progress. Students arrive to our environment already curious and intelligent in various ways, we need to coach them on effective implementation of their ideas to advance and accelerate their natural desire to learn.

 Our Vision

To transform student’s curiosities to discovery. To guide students in exploring their intuitions and innate genius to create, collaborate and innovate. Our vision is to encourage a complete generation of open-minded, investigative, inventive, and capable learners that will eventually go on to fulfilling their maximum potential and life's purpose.

What's Our Story?

AGORA Prep is a unique, leading-edge preparatory environment that inspires the student to engage in their learning. AGORA Prep adheres to the Ministry Curriculum Guidelines and implements a unique strategy to allow children to interact and engage with the content being taught. Through harnessing the innate and natural curiousity of children, AGORA Prep optimizes education using the "Distributed Collective" mode of learning. Harvard professor Richard Elmore developed this theory and it is taught in Harvard University as part of the "Leadership in Learning" course for educators and changemakers. 


Distributed collective is the main underlying principle behind our pedagogy. According to this philosophy, learning is based on the identification of children's interests and the idea that everyone is capable of learning outside of hierarchical frameworks. Common priorities, respect and cooperation among members of the community are key to the success of this mode of learning.